Even on the relatively sunny Gulf Coast, February can have you feeling, well, kind of blah. The holidays are over, summer (and even spring break) feels impossibly far away, and aside from the brief excitement of Valentine’s Day and awards season—Oscars, anyone?—there just doesn’t seem to be much going on.

We get it. But as your trusted hair experts, we’re here to ask: why not brighten things up with a fresh hair color? Ahead, four beautiful swaps from the Fusion team that could be the February fix you need.


With three beachside locations in Sandestin, Pensacola Beach, and Orange Beach, we see a lot of blondes come through our doors—and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Being blonde means you’re practically carrying around your own ray of sunshine, even in the depths of winter. Understandably, most of our blonde clients are pretty committed to their flaxen hues. Which is why rather than ditching them altogether, we suggest making a small seasonal tweaks.

Delicate lowlights will not only subtly winterize your blonde, but also help blend those pesky roots that seem that much more evident come winter (when you’re not outside enough for the sun to do its own lightening work). And when the weather warms up, it will be easy to weave shimmering blonde highlights right back in.


It’s been so much fun playing around with this trend—every time we send someone out into the world with lavender, silver, baby blue, or blush pink hair, we get a little thrill. And while we hope these colors don’t fade from spotlight any time soon, we know that after a while, all the bleaching and coloring can start to take a toll on your hair health.

With that in mind, this month might be a great time to take a darker shade of your color of choice for a spin. Because we won’t have to lighten your hair before the color is applied, this can give your hair time to rest and heal. In fact, some shades of Aveda Color can actually improve the condition of damaged hair. With a new color and a weekly nourishing masque (we love Aveda’s Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment and Color Conserve Strengthening Treatment for colored hair), your hair will be in summer shape in no time.


Is there a color technique better suited to the sparkling Emerald Coast? Maybe we’re biased, but we think not. With its ability to flawlessly mimic authentically sun-kissed color and its low maintenance nature, it’s the perfect accompaniment to breezy beachside life.

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For those reasons and more, we understand not wanting to switch things up too much. However, one thing we’ve found with our balayage clients—who are, after all, always on top of the trends—is that even when they love their hair, they’re often looking for ways to make exciting updates. With that in mind, why not try changing your tone? Talk to your colorist about switching your color from icy and cool to buttery and warm, or vice versa. They’ll be able to fill you in on what shades are most flattering for your coloring and how you can make this subtle change work for you—and you’ll be surprised by just how refreshing it feels.


Music to our ears! If you’re contemplating taking the plunge into hair color but you’re are worried about maintenance, we recommend starting small. In our opinion, babylights are the perfect dip-your-toe-in color technique, offering a subtle sprinkling of light that leaves you looking more “perpetually illuminated by sunlight” than freshly dyed. Your stylist can blend highlights and lowlights to minimize visible regrowth and eliminate the harsh line too often associated with color treatments.

For a bigger statement with equally low commitment, you can always try balayage or ombré. They’ve been wildly popular for good reason: they’re not only seriously gorgeous, but also blessedly low-maintenance. Because both feature little to no color at the root, they grow out beautifully and require less frequent touch-ups.

As always, any color change will start with a thorough consultation with your Fusion stylist. It’s our job to make sure you always leave the salon with hair that suits your coloring, your lifestyle and your preferences—because anything less just won’t do. Here’s to making it your most exciting February yet!