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You should get a massage. We know, we know—twist your arm. But we’re serious. All too often, people write off massages as a luxury to be indulged only very occasionally or at a theoretical future date, when time isn’t in such short supply. But as we’ve all learned the hard way, when it comes to self-care, it’s not about having time. It’s about making time.

“For everyone who is high-stress and running around—you should be able to find one hour just for yourself, so you can relax and recharge,” says Cheryal Lymons, a Massage Therapist and Internal Spa Educator at our Pensacola Beach location. While massage can be an investment, the returns—including noticeable improvements to your health and well-being—are manifold.

Ahead, why you should get some me-time on the books ASAP.



You know getting a massage is a relaxing experience. But did you know that a number of scientific studies have confirmed the healing and health-enhancing properties of massage therapy? This is largely because it decreases your levels of cortisol—a.k.a. the stress hormone that, when elevated, has been shown to interfere with memory, inhibit your immune system, raise your cholesterol, and contribute to weight gain. (You read that correctly. Why diet when you can book a massage instead?)


And that’s not all. Massage boosts your circulation, which helps your muscles recover from injuries and your skin reach new levels of radiance. It also floods your brain with the serotonin and dopamine, those feel-good neurotransmitters that keep you smiling, sleeping well, and generally feeling good about life.

“You’ll feel instant benefits as soon as you get on that table and let yourself go,” confirms Cheryal. “Our bodies are in a constant state of acute or chronic stress—you have to allow it to stop and heal itself.”



“Every massage therapist at Fusion believes in Aveda rituals,” explains Cheryal. And a huge part of that means embracing the Ayurvedic tradition that Aveda’s wellness practices are steeped in.

 Ayurveda, one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems, is designed to prevent and heal disease by maintaining the balance between mind, body, and spirit. One of its central tenets is that every person is influenced by the five basic elements in the universe (space, air, fire, water, and earth), and that we are each governed most strongly by a key element or elements. Keeping all of them in balance in crucial to good health.


Before your massage, you’ll complete a survey that evaluates several factors, including your overall mental state, energy levels, and how you tend to deal with stress. “Your answers tell us what your key element is,” explains Cheryal. “And that helps us guide the rest of the experience to suit you.”

For instance, every massage begins with a foot massage ritual designed to bring your body into a fully relaxed state. But from there, we are able to introduce more customization based on your key element—which determines everything from which scents will calm you and bring you back into balance to where you carry your stress to the ideal rhythm of the massage therapist’s movements. (If you’re generally a fast-paced person, slower massage can help bring you back into balance—and vice versa.)

By emphasizing holistic healing and the mind-body connection, we are able to provide a massage that is not only relaxing and health-boosting, but mentally restorative.



Ideally, we’d all get a massage every four weeks. This allows you to fully reap the life-enhancing benefits of both massage therapy and Ayurvedic healing. However, we know that between your schedule and your budget, that’s not always possible. Cheryal notes that you will derive benefits from every massage—but also that there are few things worth prioritizing above your own wellness, no matter how busy life gets. And with that in mind, you should consider making massage a regular feature on your schedule.

Trust us—you deserve it.