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This Holiday Season, Give Gifts of Joy For All


Your Holiday Gift Can Change a Life

What if your holiday shopping list had the power to change a life? When you shop with Aveda, it can. From December 1 to 23, every time you purchase one of our limited edition gift sets – wrapped in that gorgeous green paper – you make a difference. Not only do you share relaxation with your friends and family, but you improve lives across the globe.

Over the past eight years, our green holiday wrapping paper has been handcrafted by 5,500 employees in Nepal. Because of your purchase, 2,400 families will be able to buy food, repair their homes and send their children to school. To date, we have made 1,800,000 sheets of paper, protecting 42,000 acres of forest from the destruction that comes from creating traditional wrappings.

If that’s not rewarding enough, let’s talk Pure Privilege Points. Double yours the weekend of December 4 to 6, then visit our rewards page to choose a little treat for yourself.

You shouldn’t have any trouble racking up points. Aveda products and gift cards make the perfect present for everyone on your list.

Speaking of gift cards, here’s an easy way to purchase them at each of our Fusion Spa Salon locations.

Purchase your gift cards quickly and easily online now, using the links below:


After all, who wouldn’t want to spend a day treating themselves, or being treated by our talented team? We can even arrange corporate retreats for your colleagues or clients, so you can pamper the people who support you throughout the year.

Witness the wonder of our holiday gift sets here.

Then, stop by any of our locations and celebrate the true meaning of the season with Aveda … where a gift to your family means a gift to a family in need.

Give the experience you love to the people you love with gifts from Fusion Spa Salon Aveda.

While you’re here, why not have a massage? (Holiday shopping never felt so good.)